Opposite Fernbank Place, Fernbank Road, North Ascot. Published with kind permission of Neil Parker, Facebook Group: Historical Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Ascot and Surrounding Areas.

Ascot Heath Campaign

There have been many changes in North Ascot since the above photo was taken. Hundreds of houses have been built in and around Fernbank Road and New Road. Many homes now have one or two cars parked on the roadside.

There have been numerous attempts by housing developers to change the status of the land south of Forest Road, north of Rhododendron Walk, east of Ascot Stud Farm and west of the The Rough. This land is now called SHELAA site WINK 29 and is 11.37 hectares. East of WINK 29 is WINK 30 which is 11.67 hectares of Land at the Rough, west of New Road. In the 1800's there were no houses backing onto Land at the Rough. That all changed in the 1900's. Not all SHELAA sites are suitable for development. The 2016 SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment) report stated that WINK 29 had the Potential Capacity for 207 dwellings and WINK 30 had the Potential Capacity for zero dwellings.

In 2014 Marplace proposed demolition of Ascot Heath School, a housing estate on the Ascot Heath School (Green Belt) playing fields and new schools in SHELAA site WINK29 (Green Belt). Massive support for the Ascot Heath Campaign made sure that Marplace knew that their North Ascot Schools and Housing Project was very unpopular. There were already too many cases of parked cars being damaged during the school run. The North Ascot Residents Association was formed in March 2016 to keep residents informed about North Ascot plans.

North Ascot is very privileged to include a large area of London Metropolitan Green Belt land, but green belt is under constant pressure from developers who make more profit from building on green belt.

Marplace submitted Outline Planning Application 18/00777/OUT in July 2018.

Ascot Ward Councillors and SPAE met North Ascot Residents at The Royal Foresters and heard arguments for and against the school and housing estates. The majority opinion was obvious, so SPAE and the Councillors wrote a formal letter to Marplace and BFC.

Marplace then removed all references to an Academy Golf Course. However the proposal still included a housing estate on Green Belt Land (playing fields), a housing estate on the grounds of the scout hut, a new scout hut and new schools on Green Belt (land west of The Rough) with an access road to the schools from Rhododendron Walk and an access road from Forest Road.

In January 2019 Facebook Group North Ascot Proposed Redevelopment announced the refusal of Marplace's Planning Application, confirming that the Ascot Heath Campaign has been effective. Most North Ascot Residents are delighted and grateful to the support received from Ascot Ward Councillors. The school has been assured half a million pounds funding for improvements so that the 2 schools can be combined into a single school.