North Ascot Residents Association (NARA)

The North Ascot Residents Association takes an interest in housing developments, roads, traffic, sustainable transport, cycleways, footpaths, accessible green space, clean air, wildlife, public transport, schools, assets of community value, shops, amenities, surgeries and other aspects that influence the quality of life for residents of North Ascot and surrounding areas.

Bad News and Good News for The Royal Hunt Pub

A potential White Knight buyer for the Royal Hunt pub in North Ascot remains committed, despite a setback for the project. Residents have received re-assurance from an investor after exhaustive efforts from the Royal Hunt Pub Community Group (RHPCG).

The group submitted an Asset of Community Value (ACV) Nomination in December, but this was refused despite the following supporting judgement in the High Court. A previous ACV was challenged by the owners. Then it was upheld in the High Courts by Judge Peter Lane who concluded I find that the evidence shows on balance that it is realistic to think that there is a time in the next five years when the Royal Hunt could resume its role as a community pub.

The RHPCG has gathered £233,370 pledges in support of the ACV nomination, in order to put themselves in a position to make a bid if the property were to be put on the market under the Localism Act (2011) and Regulations Moratorium rules (2012).

Even if you do not want to make a pledge, RHPCG still welcome you to join the RHPCG. The more members, the better. Housing developers hope that you will get objection fatigue. Please don't let them win. RHPCG ask for your patience, your resilience and your continuing support.

After discussions between the North Ascot Residents Association, RHPCG, the White Knight investor and Ascot Ward Councillors, a letter has been sent to the BFC Solicitor on Saturday 2nd March. Click here for details.

The RHPCG are grateful to Luke Adams for publishing the story in the Villager newspaper on Friday 8th March 2019.

Good News for Green Belt Land in North Ascot

In January 2019 Facebook Group North Ascot Proposed Redevelopment announced the refusal of Marplace's Planning Application (a housing estate on Green Belt playing fields, a housing estate on the grounds of the scout hut and new schools on Green Belt land west of The Rough), confirming that the Ascot Heath Campaign has been effective. Half a million pounds funding has been assured for improvements so that the Ascot Heath CE Junior School and the Ascot Heath Infant School can be combined into a single school with single cost-saving administration. North Ascot Residents are delighted and grateful to the support received from SPAE and Ascot Ward Councillors. Click here for details.